About Us

The Team was pulled together to fill a gap in the industry -

The need for simple solutions that can deliver the complex processes of in-flight retail

flightPOS, is bringing offline payment solutions to the aviation retail industry. If you ever fly and need to pay for WiFi based content when there is no internet option and no seat back screens there’s a good chance it will be our software powering the payments, to allow you to enjoy your flight.

Who we are

A group of tech-enthusiasts with a common interest in using technologies to finally make processes efficient!

We have a comprehensive team of developers, infrastructure engineers, delivery managers and business analyst, all with a focus on the airline retail industry.
Between the team there is a plethora of experience covering the retail sector together with many years of software development, hardware maintenance and product support.

Together the flightPOS team are bringing modern development concepts to this sector. Having created a management, warehousing, POS and reporting system using the latest technology which in turn brings the benefits of flexibility and a responsiveness that has never been seen before in this area. The efficiencies made can reveal themselves as major cost savings straight to the bottom line.

Our Founder

Mike Boote - CEO

About Us

A group of technical resources delivering all aspects of a modern in-flight retail solution using state-of-the-art techniques

"Flexible and dependable"