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The flightPOS system consists of four focal points.

  • Back Office infrastructure
  • User Front End
  • POS Device
  • Banking Integration

Many features are required to fully support those key focal points, some are detailed here:

Back Office

The back office system provides the amount of computing power and storage needed by using an elastic cloud, ensuring constant performance levels.

  • A cloud based system of servers providing resilience, redundancy, archiving, banking integration, databases and storage together with eMail servers provisioned to support receipt emailing.
  • A load balanced system that is fully scalable without intervention.

Secure Data

Archiving is supported using dedicated storage, the historical records can be retained for many decades without capacity issues.

  • The database supports existing processes and can be easily modified to support new requirements with changes propagated through the system in seconds.
  • The architecture and method used allows set up and tear down of QA, UAT, Development environments to be made available in minutes and on demand.

Banking Integration

Secure method of integration to an acquirer. Flexible enough to use the clients preferred acquiring bank and PSP

  • Detailed reporting of transaction data showing real-time state of submissions.
  • Major cards accepted - Amex, VS, MC
  • Fully PCI compliant end-to-end system
  • Bluetooth connected Card reader for Chip&PIN payments. This allows both EC and loyalty card MSR use.

Sync and Messaging

The synchronisation of devices is key to getting the right data to the right place. flightPOS has flexibility to meet client needs in every case.

  • flightPOS also provides a comprehensive messaging system for operational use.
  • Devices can be synchronised at end of flight. Master device will close the flight and inbound the sales data to the back office using GSM or WiFi at the earliest opportunity.
  • Devices synchronise with the back office at start of flight to receive the latest information on trolleys, stock, regular POS data and any crew messages.
  • Outbound crew messages can be delivered to all crew, all flights, specific flights or individual crew.
  • Inbound crew messages can be received by the back office to be used as a reporting feature, together with photographs of incidents.

Manager - Features

Setup and configuration of data either manually or by importing template based .csv files. Editing after import can be applied.

    POS screens that can be enabled as part of the POS Open Flight process:

  • Logon
  • Seals
  • Trolley IDs
  • Stock-check
  • Top-ups
  • Crew management
  • Crew messages
  • Flight routes
  • Base currency selection option
  • Sync devices with each other before inbounding data

Manager - Content

The flightPOS Manager provides the cloud hosted front end, dynamic responsive interface in daily use by the airline management.

    Supporting end to end sales planning and operations by providing a comprehensive set of features including:

  • System Setup: Initial process configuration of airline specific parameters and configuration of POS device
  • Warehouse Setup: Management of packing process, including packing plans and loading lists
  • Warehouse Manager: Day to day operational process management for warehouse staff
  • Financial operations support: Full visibility and analysis of flights, commissions, banking, cash handling, tax providing reconciliation and analysis.
  • Product Manager: Responsible for setting up the catalogue details together with complex promotions, pre-configuring in preparation for catalogue changes.
  • Reporting engine: Providing full reporting with a standard set of reports as default. New reports can be developed on request and will be available within 48 hours of requesting. Report outs as pdf or .csv to be on screen, printed, automatically emailed

Stock Control

Stock control is an important aspect of in-flight retail. Much attention has been paid to analysis, flightPOS also provides for onboard management as a data source.

  • Stock check on board supported.
  • Optionally, full check of all trolleys on the flight, or just trolleys of responsibility for that POS device.
  • Keyline Items, can be easily configured in flightPOS manager and crew will be forced to check keyline items at the start of flight as part of the POS opening process.
  • Top-ups can be added at any time between open and closing the flight route.
  • All stock activity is reported on for later analysis by Finance.

POS Application

POS Application, runs on Android 4.4, Windows and iOS giving complete touch-screen device selection flexibility. Logical processes, streamlined and flexible that are also adaptable to the client processes.

  • Configuration of the POS is driven totally by the back office. Enable/Disable of screens and features as required.
  • Capable of handling payment in any combination of cash currencies, vouchers, bank cards. Staff discounts can be applied with product-level granularity.
  • Card acceptance: PCI compliant, encrypted Chip&PIN technologies and contactless payments can be accepted. Real time approvals where Wi-Fi or GSM exists.
  • Pre-Orders supported, both paid in advance or pay on flight.
  • Two way messaging system. This allows messages to be sent out to individuals, to specific flights, to specific crew. It allows messages to be sent from Crew to staff to report issues e.g. breakages.
  • Optimised programming for extended battery life with all complexity remaining in the back office.
  • Stock and cash reconciliation details available within minutes of closing the flight. If WiFi or GSM backhaul exists this may actually be initiated before the aircraft lands.
  • Virtual product support exists for upgrades or destination attractions.
  • Printer free operation optional with email or SMS of receipts, simplified by integration with loyalty schemes or can be used to encourage sign-up to the schemes.
  • Required print-outs are configured to be available in the correct format at the correct event in the process to suit the client.

POS Device

The POS device selection lies with the customer. Consideration should be given for distribution eg: per crew,per aircraft; operating system and SIM Cards if they are needed. Some more interesting aspects are listed here:

  • Stock check: All, none or keyline.
  • Exchange rates. The most exciting method for managing rates in the industry.
  • Printing. Printouts can be avoided completely by using messaging services but if required printouts can be enabled/disabled at all steps of the process. Printout formats are easily configured to suit.
  • Loyalty cards. Can be accepted in payment for goods, can be reported on for points earning
  • Promotions. Eleven types of promotion are supported with a promotion handling engine in the POS that is industry leading.
  • Optimised process flow through the device giving a logical approach to usage.
  • POS branding. Colour schemes can be applied by the airline with minimal effort using existing standardised methods
  • Languages other than English can be supported

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