Airlines exist with differing levels of complexity - flightPOS provides a tailored service to suit all airlines


Some airlines are seasonal with just a few aircraft for the summer. Some airlines only concern themselves with takings, not stock levels. Some airlines require full inventory control, the management of trolleys, crew and stock integrated with flight schedules - We support them all with a flexible upgrade path

Reduced Feature Set

Simple SaaS provisioned installation. Low initial cost, low ongoing operational costs solution. Deploy in hours

  • Android or Windows handsets provided by airline
    (e.g. Panasonic Toughpad)
  • flightPOS application self-provisioned through online store
  • Card payments optional
  • Customer provided catalogue with prices - configured by flightPOS
  • Promotions handled as products
  • Basic reporting
  • Transaction and sales data exported as .csv
  • Reduced analysis feature set
  • Reporting enhancements available

Standard Feature Set

More features provisioned = more complexity. Deployment time up to one month

  • Android or Windows handsets selected by airline, may be provided by flightPOS
  • Fully managed application installation
  • Real-time Card payments using Bluetooth reader - Chip&PIN, Swipe, NFC
  • Full Catalogue support, perishables, wastage, keyline stock checks etc...
  • Range of common promotions using bespoke algorithms
  • Multi currency support
  • Loading list management
  • Sales details by flight, by crew member, by device. Click through drill-down
  • Commissions based on reconciled flights, viewable, printable and emailed monthly
  • Wastage reporting as an aid to stock level control

Full Featured Deployment

In addition to the standard features, this covers the options for a managed deployment covering multi site operations

  • Flight schedules based on location and time, selected on the POS device
  • Trolleys, seals, stock checks and keyline checks - managed and reported
  • Real-time bank card transaction data and card authentication for flights with wifi internet access
  • Warehouse management range of detailed printouts at all stages as required
  • Finance reconciliation screens with visibility of all flight related data from crew members to products and trolleys, prices
  • Product management screens providing logical and flexible handling of products
  • Complex promotions made to measure
  • Unique exchange rate support for all currencies
  • See the Feature Set page for all we provide, all that a modern in-flight retail solution requires

About Us

A group of technical resources delivering all aspects of a modern in-flight retail solution using state-of-the-art techniques

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