Who are we?

flightPOS are a team of technology and software experts with a reputation for innovation. flightPOS have the ability to drive significant cost reduction by hyper-efficient use of technology, including automation of testing and deployment. Collaborative working is at the forefront to get the results our clients need.
The greater flightPOS team, with their strengths in payment systems, mobile networks, databases and cloud technologies, have been brought together to build a robust and modular family of capabilities that can serve the airline retail industry


  • Is a privately owned company with a global footprint. Open to investment enquiries.

  • Exited stealth mode in 2020 to launch a range of products into the aviation retail vertical.

  • Supplies services to infrastructure vendors, airlines and caterers globally.

  • Development teams based in UK and Ukraine


The character of the business is based on fairness and honesty. flightPOS work with airlines and caterers to give them the service they want.

Technical background

The key persons have over 60 years of expertise covering an unbelievably wide range of equipment and technologies. Relevant to aviation retail, the team have been involved with POS and back office sales, support and development since 2011.

This broad range of experiences has allowed flightPOS to understand the landscapes they are expected to operate in, to empathise with all users and to bring that style into the finished products. To create what is useful to an organisation while building systems that are flexible enough to adapt. Using test driven development and automated testing flightPOS can rapidly engineer bespoke customisations.

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Reviewing retail operations is something that has taken on more significance since the global slowdown. Allow flightPOS to be part of your review team and contribute to the thought processes. It may be interesting to see how a ‘challenger’ retail and payment solution can reduce opex and enhance your revenue streams.

If the sound of a crew independent W-IFE deployment with passenger device-based payments is appealing, we have a complete solution to offer and are available to discuss. Full integration with crew and trolley content is an option.

Sometimes there are novel technical needs, flightPOS modular systems have the flexibility today to meet current and future aims.

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